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Autor: 2101

Bun Fight

Średnia ocena: 7.00 / 10

Ocena BGG: 7.00 (1 ocen)

Liczba graczy: 3-8

Wiek: od 14 lat

Czas gry: ok 60 min.

Bun Fight

The Glitterati of Bear Valley Hills are at an awards after-party, someone says the wrong thing, then the cakes start flying! Whoever comes out the other end cleanest is the winner. Bun Fight is a board game in which players move between tables laden with various cakes to grab...


Średnia ocena: 7.27 / 10

Ocena BGG: 7.27 (6 ocen)

Liczba graczy: 3-6

Wiek: od 7 lat

Czas gry: ok 10 min.


Średnia ocena: 6.50 / 10

Ocena BGG: 6.50 (1 ocen)

Liczba graczy: 2-5

Wiek: od 4 lat

Czas gry: ok 10 min.


Terrain is a game of bluffing, luck and landscapes, a game of hex tiles representing land types. Each player has a secret tile that denotes which type he scores. Everyone takes turns picking a new tile from the bag and placing it. The winner is the one with the largest connected...